Simple DIY Tricks for Your Garage Door Repair Needs

Posted May 8th, 2015 by Linda Meyers. Comment (0).

A garage door’s life may be boring but it is very useful to homeowners and people who have cars. A garage door may be manually manipulated but nowadays most of the garage doors are automatic to allow for unparalleled convenience. Pushing a remote button makes it go up, and pressing another button closes it down. A garage door does not last forever, and when it breaks down you will need to either DIY, or call a garage door repair in Fort Meyers for more complicated matter best left to an expert. There are also some simple know-hows and basic repairs that every person needs to know. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Dust, grime and dirt buildup might be the culprit in why the garage doors suddenly quit working. If it feels stuck in a particular area, it is best to check for any obstructions. Grease or any lubricating oil may have also dried up and it needs to be reapplied. You may take any basic household cleaner and wipe them dry, then brush it and try again. Adding a lubricant every now and then may also do the trick to a smooth rolling garage door that works like new.

2. When cleaning up, check for loose hardware that may need replacements or tightening, especially for screws. Misalignment of parts is also a common problem, and a protruding screw or any object might lead to a grinding garage door. Swing-up doors will need their plates where springs are mounted and they should be tight. Roll-up doors need their hinges to be looking good, as the hinges hold the doors together.

3. Noisy garage doors that sound like they are grumbling when being operated might annoy the neighbors and your family. The usual cause of the rattling sound are old metal rollers which may need to be replaced. If the rattling continues, you may then contact a garage door repair in Fort Meyers to have it examined further.

4. As with a machine or a device with moving parts, garage door problems are normally faulty metal tracks, springs and rollers. Metal tracks need to be smooth and do not have crimps or dents. Springs may wear out first than the rest because it does the heavy job of lifting. Rollers can be stuck, or just needs to be replaced. Last but not the least, the door itself can be searched for any misalignment.

5. When your garage door simply does not open, it can be as simple as a dead battery with your remote. Press the button and see if it works, then check the wall switch. The door should not automatically reverse before hitting the floor. Power outages and weather changes can affect a garage door, so make the precautions to install a backup power system for your door opener.

All of these are just basic tips and tricks to diagnose and possibly fix your broken garage door. When trying to fix your garage doors, caution and preparedness is essential to avoid injury or harm. Sometimes the problem may be more complicated, or an immediate replacement is necessary, so don’t hesitate to call a garage door repair in Fort Meyers – they will have it fixed in a jiffy. Peace of mind will be yours knowing that an expert fixed it and be confident that it will continue to work for a long time.

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